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What National Grammar Day can teach you about kicking bad habits

Happy National Grammar Day.jpg

March 4 is like New Year's Day. Several weeks ago, we welcomed in 2016 with laundry lists of resolutions, goals, and declarations, all while unloading our bank accounts for gym memberships and Hello Fresh subscriptions. And while many have already given up, fallen back into old habits, become MIA at 5:30 a.m. spin class, and grown stale to the idea of fresh produce delivery (although my father continues to rave about his subscription); there's still hope. Start anew this National Grammar Day. Pledge to speak better, write better, and overall, communicate better.

Purple Inked wants to help. For March 4 only, all services scheduled will be 50 percent off. This means you can start off right with that email, press release, pitch letter, blog post, or manuscript, and save a bundle.

In addition to getting professional editing and writing assistance from Purple Inked, here are several activities you can do throughout the year to improve:

Starting today, vow to improve your grammar with these tips and Purple Inked.