Is he just not that into you or punctuation?

For eons, editors have told cautionary tales of missing and misused punctuation to an undaunted public. Examples of how omitting commas can turn one toward cannibalism and threaten the lives of grandmothers throughout the nation have made the rounds on Facebook. Yet while many have liked and laughed at such memes, very few have taken action.

And now, it's come to this: Television is imitating life with a simply text:

While watching this season's first episode of TV Land's Younger, we all wondered its meaning along with Liza  (Sutton Foster). Was Josh (Nico Tortorella) breaking up with her because of their age difference? Could he just no longer canoodle with a woman who is old enough to have birthed him in her early teens? Or did he feel inadequate because even washboard abs and mad inking skills don't come close to the talent that is Sutton Foster? (OK. So, Nico is pretty darn talented in his own right.)

Naw. He apparently had just missed a few language arts classes in middle school and was stuck at work, (spoiler alert) tattooing Liza's daughter.

Confused? Check out the show, and it will all make sense. Pick up a punctuation book, such as Eats, Shoots & Leaves, and you'll never confuse others with poorly punctuated texts and messages. And who knows, we may be able to save a few grandmas in the process.