The writing process should be a positive experience. Through it, we are able to express our thoughts, beliefs, and dreams. Writing makes the abstract tangible and real. When well-crafted, our words have the power to move, motivate, and influence others.

But many of us struggle to reach our true potential as written communicators for fear of the editing stage. All of those red ink corrections bled over our work can be discouraging. Think back to when your teacher scribbled them all over your paper, marking your errors and deducting grade points. Red ink can be scary.


At Purple Inked, we recognize that not everyone is a born writer but believe each one of us has something valuable to express. We work with clients, large and small, in crafting effective messaging. We encourage through affordable writing and editing services. Unlike in school, our marks add value!



Purple Inked was created by writer and editor Nealy Gihan. A seasoned communications professional, Nealy has worked with corporate partners to develop and distribute their company messages, as well as orchestrate and carry out communication campaigns for both local and national projects. She has spent years as a journalist and copy editor for newspapers and magazines and has taught writing composition at the college level. In addition, Nealy serves as the social media specialist for a local nonprofit and is a published fiction writer.

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