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The writing process should be a positive experience. Through it, we are able to express our thoughts, beliefs, and dreams. Writing makes the abstract tangible and real. When well-crafted, our words have the power to move, motivate, and influence others.

But many of us struggle to reach our true potential as written communicators. Many of us haven’t had a grammar lesson since elementary school and are resigned to thinking that we just can’t write and don’t have the time to relearn, and writing just isn’t fun.

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Purple inked is here to help

Our mission

To help business professionals and creatives craft written messages that move, motivate, and influence others

Our vision
To give an effective, powerful voice to professionals and creatives through the written word

At Purple Inked, we recognize that not everyone is a born writer but believe each one of us has something valuable to express. We work with clients, large and small, in crafting effective messaging. We encourage through affordable coaching and teaching services. 


Hi, I’m Nealy Gihan, a seasoned editor, writer, and communications professional based in Virginia Beach, Virginia. I created Purple Inked as a safe place for creatives and professionals to learn or relearn how to write and come into their own written voice.

For more than two decades, I’ve worked in communications across numerous industries and have learned all of the written rules to teach my clients and which ones to break.

During my career, I’ve won several awards and accolades, including an editing fellowship with the Maynard Institute and a writing award from the Hampton Roads Writers Association. My efforts also have helped the companies I’ve worked with earn such prestigious awards as a Stevie International Business award, Public Relations Society of America Pinnacle awards, LACP Vision awards, and a Nielsen Norman Group Intranet Design award. 

When I’m not working, I’m serving on the PRSA Hampton Roads chapter board of directors and as vice-chair of the Virginia Beach Public Library Advisory Board. Or I can be found swinging upside down practicing for my big break into Cirque du Soliel (one can dream)!


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