Purple Inked

Women's Writing Retreat

End your summer at the beach with some sun, fun, and serious writing. Spend the weekend in Virginia Beach’s Vibe District, within walking distance of the ocean, and you’ll come away with a substantial dent in your writing project, great tips and support, and lots more!

$450 through 7/31/22 ($550 after)
Sept. 16-19, 2022
Virginia Beach, Virginia

What you’ll get

Writing Workshops
Each day, you will attend interactive workshops that focus on topics such as project organization, structure, character development, and grammar.
Free Write
Time will be allotted daily for you to spend time writing either in the classroom, nearby coffee shop, the beach, or wherever you feel inspired. Challenges will be set up to see who writes the most during these times and accomplishes the goals you’ve set for yourself.
Inspiration Sessions
Come find and get in touch with your muse through guided art and fitness classes all while making fun things and getting fit by the ocean. All materials will be provided. You just need to show up and be open to create.
Peer Critiques
As a retreat attendee, you’ll get real-time feedback on your work from other attendees. Each person will have time during the weekend to share what she’s working on, read an excerpt, and ask questions and for advice from her peers.
One-on-one Sessions
During this retreat, you’ll get your own personal coaching session where we’ll review your goals and your work. Together, we’ll edit what you’ve written thus far and identify and correct some of your common writing errors and weaknesses.
Who doesn’t need more professional photos to share on social or use in your promotional materials? During the retreat, we’ll have a photographer around capturing group photos and candid moments that you’ll be able to use for your purposes.


Attend a welcome reception Friday evening, and all delicious breakfasts and lunches from some of Virginia Beach’s best local restaurants are included each day. 


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